Sunday, June 13, 2010

Added a Poll!

I have decided to add a poll to my blog. My honey and I are having a hard time picking our accent colour for our wedding so I added a poll! You can pick more than one answer if you like. Send your friends!


Finally a break! Well okay sort of. We have our first sale of the year out of the way. It started out bumpy, we were not actually on the street but in a parking lot behind a restaurant in the kids zone. Wouldn't have been so bad except we had a fire truck on one side of us blocking us from view of the street. Super annoying. So we spent from noon until about 3 pm there when someone came around and asked us if we wanted to move to the street. Didn't go bad after that! We managed to move all of our product, table, wash stand, take down our canopy/tent thingy and get it all set back up in 30 minutes. Thankfully we had an extra set of hands when a co-worker stopped by mid-move! After all was said and done, we packed up and went for a beer at one of the patios that was set up on the street. Left just as it was starting to rain. Not a bad day really. We purchased our tent thingy and got a custom made sign done, complete with shiny grommets! Looks super awesome, and we still managed to make our money back!

Currently we are in the midst of a couple of things. We are trying to work out what kind of things we are going to sell at the November craft sale. We are thinking of expanding our baby stuff section of crocheted things! This year we are going to have one traditional granny square baby blanket plus one or two (hopefully more as they work really fast) fancy star blankets with little matching sweater jackets to match! Also going to be doing some fun hats, scarves and mitts as well. Thank goodness there is more than one of us that knows how to crochet! On top of all of that we are doing our soaps and lotions and have decided to switch to a melt and pour for some. After this sale we will be moving on to cold pressed soaps...very exciting! We are planning to ask Lauren's dad if he can build us 3 more 3'lb soap molds. We may also be adding a bubble bath and a body butter. We are so excited!

Also on our list of things to do is another diaper cake for someone at work. I am working on an baby blanket and accomplished a lot tonight. I am officially finished my 80 squares and am half way through crocheting it together one way. I used this super awesome green instead of the standard minty green baby yarn...Bernat Softee Baby in Soft Fern. Love love love this colour...want to make scarves out of it! Now they just need a baby yarn in a brown or two and I will be happy!

Planning our vacation for July. Very much looking forward to it! We are heading up to Aaron's 5 star get-away for 10 magickal days. It's going to be awesome! Hoping the lake will be high enough for us to get the boat out of the boat house to get some fishing in. Also hoping the beavers have not blocked off the river as we want to go kayaking down river again. Who knows maybe a beaver damn would work in our favor? Just have to find a way over it! Can't wait! Been practicing my BBQ'ing skills lately and everything! I make a killer steak apparently!

We have come to the conclusion that we must put our wedding back a couple of months. We are going to join the party in October on the 29th, 2011. Our window still is not fixed and the condo is still not up for sale yet. We are starting a relentless phone campaign on Monday morning. On a brighter note, I think with the change of season we are going to change the colours for our wedding. We are thinking brown. Like a silky chocolaty brown, with either a apple green accent or an orange accent. We had a good time pitching ideas around today as well. He was very open to the idea of his best man guitaring me down the aisle to a tune he wrote. (Fraser is very musically talented as well as artistically) We also thought it might be super cute to have our center pieces done with hollowed out gourds done up like jack-o-lanterns with tea lights inside. I am pretty sure that I will be wearing a gold dress down the aisle. Now wait, don't freak, I am not talking shiny gold here. Probably a little darker than ivory. Have tried on one in that colour and it goes fantastic with my skin...can you tell I am super excited?!

Staying up for midnight shift sucks. Aaron is in bed sleeping and I am watching Mythbusters. Although I did make cupcakes tonight at like 1:45 am. On Thursday I had asked my boss for a half day on Friday. He booked me for a whole day and I came in. I had a meeting to go to about this new harassment law, and then my boss said that I could have the whole day if I made cupcakes...chocolate with vanilla icing. Somehow his mistake gets him cupcakes. I am not sure how that worked out but he's getting them! Honestly he has been hinting at it every chance he gets...even supervisors from next door have been hinting as well. Crazy.

Well I am off to bed, will post some pictures of what I have been up to soon!