Monday, March 29, 2010

So I am stuck at home with a bum ankle for the next week or so. I don't know how I did it but I managed to get tendinitis in my ankle. What a great time for an update!....well I guess maybe it's not so great of a time...I have been stuck to my couch! Although tomorrow I get to go to physio...that will be the highlight of my day!

Yesterday I managed to escape the condo with the help of my very intrepid fiance! We had gotten a gift card for HomeSense at Christmas and he wanted to go and check out some kitchen stuff. Off we go to the mall! My sweetheart took pity on my and my gimpy foot and dropped me off at the front doors while he searched for parking! While we didn't find what we were looking for in the kitchen section we did find something in the bedding section! A lovely set of 600thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets and a lovely new quilt...which the cats seem to be enjoying!

Well, I was going to put in a picture but it seems to be not showing up :(

Oh also, pulled up the blinds in the bedroom today to let in some light and low and behold what do I see? Little leaves on the bush right outside the window!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I saw this article and had to repost it...incredible!


Amazing amateur space photography

Wow. And when I say Wow, what I really mean is...W.O.W. Look at this picture. How much do you think it cost to take it? Launching the satellite, customising the carefully-controlled precision camera, getting the images back down to earth, and so on? $750, for the whole job. It was taken by a private citizen in the UK, and NASA is so impressed that it contacted him to find out how he did it.

Balloon-earth-photo It turns out that he did it using a consumer digital Canon camera, a high-altitude helium balloon, and a box wrapped up with duct tape - all launched from his back yard. Robert Harrison put the camera in the box, strapped the box to the balloon, and set it free. It rose to a height of 22 miles, reaching a point where it could take photos of the earth from so high up that you could see the curvature of its surface.

The camera, wrapped in loft insulation from a DIY store, is attached to a small computer that makes it take photos every five minutes, beamed to earth using a radio transmitter. When the balloon reaches the 22 mile point, it pops, because the air pressure outside drops to a point low enough that it cannot keep the helium inside.

Harrison then recaptures the camera, which falls gently to earth thanks to a parachute built into the box. The camera is equipped with a GPS that lets him pick it up from wherever it lands. Generally, it falls no less than 50 miles from where it left off.

Sadly, the original story published in the Daily Mail only gives us two of his stunning photos. I'd love to see a short video stringing together all of the shots that the camera took, in sequence. It brings to mind a project I saw in Make magazine, in which someone put a digital video camera in a home-made rocket. But 22 miles? Amazing. Can Canada beat Britain in amateur space photography? The challenge is out there, people. I'm off on a quick trip to Home Depot and Futureshop. See you later!

Danny Bradbury, MSN Tech & Gadgets

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a Quick Post

Okay guys, just a quick post to plug my honey's and his best friends video. They have entered the Dorito's Virilocity contest! Pleas take a moment to check out their entry and give them a vote! If you like it, feel free to re

-post the link. Thanks guys!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Crocheting like a person possessed!

Okay, they say the first step is admitting it so here I go. Hello world, my name is Nikky and I have a crochet problem!

Been super busy these last few weeks. Shopped for a new couch and love seat, in a lovely brown leather. Very happy with our comfy purchase. Also been crocheting like a mad person! Managed to crank off a baby blanket in about 2 1/2 days. Starting another one, and making a blanket for Aaron's mom's birthday. If I don't have carpel tunnel by the end of the month it will be a small miracle or a freak of nature...could go either way with me!

Have also been obsessively watching the winter olympics. I also have a winter sports addiction. Now don't misunderstand me here, I am obsessed with watching them...not participating in them! I cheered on so many countries it was crazy! I was all over cheering on Norway and their crazy argyll pants. Also cheered on Americans and props here for your very cool snow boarding first I thought you guys were just nuts wearing jeans down the hills! In my vast experience with snow I have learned that jeans just don't keep you dry and warm! I even cheered on Britian and was totally embarrassed for that poor girl whose pants split wide open on the track! Trust me I wanted to crochet her something a little more warm and sturdy but my friends all insisted that I would not get it done it time! :) Really I wonder why every time I watch the Olympics we as humans can't all get along like we do for those two magical weeks? I think the world would be so much better if we could...but then again I also think the world would be a better place if we were all allowed nap time every day!

Condo is almost ready for sale. Carpets are clean, things are de-cluttered and just some touch ups and we are ready to go!

Can't wait until all of this craziness is done with so I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis!

Missing you all tons


Texas Sports Writer Compares Canadian Patriotisim to Nazis

For real? Really this guy is for real? I will admit that in my lifetime it was probably the most red and white I have seen but to compare the Vancouver Olympics to those of the Berlin 1936 Olympics is insane! I think this guy needs to get a clue. Even though he is just a sports writer I am more disappointed in the international news media then usual. It is a sad state of affairs when someone is allowed to compare any country to Nazi Germany. I think he should be removed from his position.

Feel free to chime in. Also, not meant as a jab at any of my lovely American followers...I know you guys are all smarter than Gil LeBreton. Still though, I am cheesed about it!