Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today I recieved this award from Cher over at Bad Kitty Blog! ~You spread joy and love like an acorn; small packages becoming tall and sturdy oaks that keep on giving~ "This is one of the most meaningful awards in the blog world because it honors women who are incredible inspirational in their intelligent and witty writing, and by doing so, this award Celebrates the strong, smart, and inspirational spirit of women!"

Thanks Cher you are awesome!

Here are the ladies that I am giving this award to!

Cher at Bad Kitty Blog- even though she already has one! ;)

Kim and Victoria- over at Living and Gardening inIdaho

Aelwyn at Hedgewitch Hollow

Rosemary at Rosemary's Blog Spot

Kandyblossom at Gnome Sweet Gnome

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nothing terribly exciting going on today. Later I am going to my friend Lauren's house were we along with Alex, Ann, and Sadie are all going to watch Top Model and Lost. We are such girls!

Yesterday was nutty. That's the only way I can explain it. Nothing seemed to go our way yesterday. First Aaron tries to do his EI report over the phone. The knob on the other end told him that he had to file on line. So he explains to said knob about having to declare other monies, and buddy still wouldn't do it. It's crazy because he filed over the phone last time. Anyway, after being on hold for 15 minutes and being told all of this Aaron gets off the phone and files online. Only to have to call them back and be put on hold for another 15 minutes. INSANE! But it doesn't stop there.

Then we were on our way to the EI office, just to drop something off. An ROE for his short-term disability. What was supposed to be a pop in and pop out type of scenario, ended up taking like more than an hour! The lady at the counter made us sit and wait to talk to someone, who, as it turns out, we didn't have to speak to in the first place. GRRRR

After seeing our tax dollars at work we hit Staples for an erasable calendar, and then off to Home Depot. All I wanted was some light bulbs for our lamp. I swear! After looking ourselves and then finally asking a couple of people it turns out that this time, Home Depot couldn't help! So needless to say i am currently sitting in a very dark living room writing this blog by the glow of the television and bathroom light. ANARCHY!!!

Well here's hoping that today I can find my light bulbs!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Baby Sweaters

This is the pattern for the little baby sweaters that are in my last post. The sizes are for 3 months and 6 months in brackets.

Ch 43 (47) loosely
  1. Dc in 4th chain from hook and in next 6 chs, (2dc,ch2,2dc) in next ch. Dc in next 2 (4) chs, (2dc, ch2,2dc) in next ch. Dc in next 17 ch, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next ch. Dc in next 2 (4) chs, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in next ch, dc in last 8 chs.
  2. Ch 3 turn, (counts as first dc now and throughout) *dc in next st and in each st across to next ch 2 space, (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in ch2 space; Repeat from * 3 times more, 69 (73)dc in row
  3. Repeat row 2, 4 (5) times. 133 (153) dc in row
Next row Ch 3 turn *dc in next dc and in each dc across to next ch2 space. (dc, ch2, dc) in ch2 space; Repeat from * 3 more times.

Repeat last row 3 times, do not finish off. 165 (185) dc in row


  1. Ch 3 turn, *dc in each st across to ch2 space {YO, insert into hole, pull up a loop, YO, and draw through 2 loops on hook, skip next 34 (40) dc (your making the arm hole here) to next ch 2 sp. YO, insert into hole, pull up a loop, YO, and draw through 2 loops on hook, YO, and draw through all 3 loops on hook.} Dc across to next ch2 sp and repeat instructions from {.
  2. Ch3 turn, 1 dc in each, across to end.
  3. repeat row 2 twelve times.
  4. finish off

Size 3 months only
With wrong side facing and holding ch 2 sps at armhole together, join yarn with slip st in BOTH sps. Ch3, dc in nest 5 dc, decrease, (YO, insert, pull up loop, YO pull through 2 loops, repeat in next st, YO pull through all 3 loops on hook), dc in next 9dc, twice; dc in last 5 dc jon with slip stitch. (32 dc)

Size 6 months only
With wrong side facing and holding ch 2 sps at armhole together, join yarn with slip st in BOTH sps; ch 3 turn, dc in next 19 dc, decrease dc in each dc around to end, join with slip st. (40 dc)

rounds 2-11, dc in each st around.

Rnd12) Ch3 turn, 1 dc in next st, decrease,dc in next 3 sts, decrease, dc in next 4 sts, decrease, *dc in next 3 sts, decrease;repeat to end. join with sl st.

Rnd13) ch 1 turn, 1 sc in each st around, join with sl st
Rnd14)sc in first 4 (5) st * pullup a loop innext two sts, YO and draw through all 3 loops on hook. sc in next 3 sts * repeat from * to end.

Rnd15) ch 1 do not turn, 1 sc in each st to end. finish off.

repeat for other arm.

For neck trim I just winged it. Joined yarn on wrong side and worked in between stitches, using dc and ch1 spaces, topping it off with a row of sc. weave in ribbon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

First I would like to start this blog by saying hello to everyone who reads it. "hello!"! I have been gone for a while and I am sorry! I have been busy which is unusual as I am still not working but hey, at least I am not bored!

Today was a beautiful day in Southern Ontario or as I like to call it the old S.O. It was warm and sunny, almost 30 degrees Celsius! So today i ventured out to visit some friends. I wore my Capri pants and a white t-shirt and the cutest shoes ever! they are little and plaid in orange, brown and blue...sounds horrible but they are super cute. Anyway, I love these shoes but I have a dilemma. How do I put this....swamp foot? trench foot? factory foot? Man they are so cute but do they ever make my feet stink! Anybody got any good ideas to get the swamp out of your favorite shoes? I febreezed the snot out of them today but to no avail! I wonder if i could get away with putting them in the washer? Hmmm.

Well, let's move on to things that smell and look a lot better than my feet shall we?

My friend over at Bad Kitty Blog is having a contest! She is quite the crafty person you see and she is doing a yarn junkies dream give-away! Check out her awesome blog to enter! You will find her in my list of blogs that I am addicted to. There is all kinds of crocheting bling in her prize and it's going to be fabulous! I envy the lucky duck that wins this prize! I will also be hosting a give-away coming soon...stay tuned for the exciting details!

Now on to what has kept me so busy...
This is what has kept me so busy! This fantastic baby blanket pattern can be found at , the little jackets are a pattern of my own. If you would like the pattern let me know and I will post it in a blog! This pattern was so much fun to do and so fast...just double crochets with the odd special stitch thrown in! It is listed as intermediate but I think it should be easy...just one big round!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Been busy lately. Managed to make it through one week of work. Hoping the two running the crew learn to relax a bit or I am going to loose my mind. People that uptight cause a lot of stress and I don't really feel like being stressed out 40 hours a week. If they would just leave us all alone to get our jobs done I think we'd be a much happier crew.

Aaron and I went to our friend Jamie's house last night to watch some wrestlemania. Now don't go judging me! We like to bet on who is going to win...and yes we all know it's fake! Still it's a good laugh. Saturday was all about playing cards. We play this game called whist and also eucker.

Today, am going down to Sadie's house to do I don't know what. Will probably do some crocheting while I am there. Right now I am making a baby afghan that is in the shape of a star! I stumbled across the pattern while i was searching for baby outfits. I got it from a blog and will leave the link to it. Then look for the post A Whole Load of Craft~Chromium Star Blanket. This pattern is super easy to do and I thank that woman for posting it as squares were starting to get boring!

I got Sadie, Lauren and I a pay gig for our candles! Aaron's sister is getting married and she wants candles as well as flowers at her table and asked us to make them. She only has four months until the big day, so I hope that she makes up her mind soon! Don't want to be making candles the night before her wedding!

Hoping that the weather starts to get nicer up here soon. Today is rainy and cold and all I want to do is go for a walk...but not in the rainy and cold.

Am watching CNN and they are talking about the receptionist in Binghamton NY who was shot. She faked her death and then called 911. Way to go for being brave! This is why you should always be nice to your receptionist...she really is the front line! Ms. DeLucia, hope you feel better really are a hero.

Hope this all finds you having a fantastic day...hoping the sun is shining where you live!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well I am back at work! Even though I think it's only for one week, it's still better than nothing. Although, (because you can't start a sentence with but) I am going insane. I like my job don't get me wrong. Over the moon at being back actually. The problem? The two slave drivers I work for.

One is just so full of himself that if I could punt his smarmy ass across the room! He is so full of himself and he treats everyone like shit. The other one is just the same only he is so anal I actually had to explain to him why I had one minute of no production on my press on a job that I was running by myself and packing by myself. I mean really? One minute? You were ten freakin' feet from me and watched me do both jobs! There was no one else to do it...everyone was busy! You had to take one person off of a sort and put them on a press to take someone else off that press to help you change a job because you can't drive a fork lift and can't figure out lefty loosy righty tighty! I almost flipped on him. I told him in my most sarcastic voice that I was either packing parts or pulling out more parts or maybe I was doing both. The next time he asks me a fucking stupid question like that my ass is not even going to answer him. I am going to walk right into the general managers office close the door and have a nice long talk with him about the crap that these two idiots are putting the floor staff through.

Breakout should be fun tomorrow. If the fur starts to fly, when the shit truly hit the fan, my ass is heading for the door. They don't like it? So what. If I had to explain one minute of down time I don't want to get in anymore shit, thank you very much, so if you will excuse me some of us have a job to do.

~just realizing that this blog is like half what I want to say to them and half of what is actually happening! If this isn't a rant I don't know what is!~

I have been on the same press for the last three days doing pretty much the same job. Everyone gets rotated around me but I get to stay right there. They made a girl that works with us lean at a 45degree angle for the better part of the day just so that she could get the parts out of the press. She tells me that she does this job every week. Sometimes twice. She's asked to not be put there because of that exact reason and they still put her there. I think these two asses want an all boys not going to happen.

I was so irate today that I blew off my friends and came straight home. Hardly ate my dinner and feel like I could go to bed right now and sleep until tomorrow.

Oh well, here's to going back to work...and having to embrace my inner bitch just to get through it.