Wednesday, May 26, 2010

still alive

Yes I am still alive and kickin'! Haven't been blogging for a while, as crafting season is upon us and we are busy building stuff! Have a sale coming up in June. Last weekend was spent in Grand Bend with my dad and Julie. Had a great time relaxing on the deck and bbq'ing! The most exciting thing going on? This Friday the condo company is sending out a company to look at our leaking bedroom window! I may have mentioned this window's the one that has been leaking for a year and is what is preventing us from putting the condo up for sale!

Will be back again soon!


  1. Leaking windows suck! When it's repaired will you put the condo up for sale? How's the kitties?

  2. we will put the condo up for sale we have been waiting since January for that.

    Kitties are good. GusGus is getting big and Zoe is a little better with him now that he's lost his two best friends!