Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Update

Well, I haven't blogged in a while so I thought to myself 'Self, you are doing nothin but watching horrible tv at 1:30am, do something productive' So here I am.

Work was fun today. Spent most of my time taking parts from large bins and putting them into small plastic totes. Good times. Drove home in the pitch black down the country road I always take, lit only by the moon. Love it. It will probably be the only thing I miss when I move! That's right...MOVE!!!

My sweetie and I live in a condo currently. It's been a small bone of contention for us both. He loves his condo, it's the first home he has ever known. I moved in here thinking that it would be temporary. The condo is just too dark for me. It's akin to living in a cave. I swear! We need to have the lights on in the condo at noon just to see to read! Ridiculous! We live on the ground floor and have a lovely walkout to a well kept green space with trees and bunnies and squirrels. We worked really hard to get the place looking the way we wanted it to. We put in the yummiest chocolate brown counter in the kitchen, I refinished the cabinets myself! We tiled the front hall and the kitchen put in new carpet and painted the whole place a lighter colour than he had originally painted it! All the blood sweat and tears paid off! We put the cave up for sale on a whim and it sold in three days! Twelves hours after our first showing even! We got more than what we asked for and the closing date we wanted. We have first months rent paid on our new apartment (which has plenty of windows!) and things are just falling into place and we couldn't be more pleased! We move into our new pad on the 22nd of October which is's just (by just I mean 6 days) before the one year mark for our wedding! It will be tight but we are going to be able to save enough for our special day! Hurray!

Our special day! Oh I can't wait! I waited 4 years for him to propose...and then I got tired of waiting! I'm not getting any younger and I was adamant that I will be married before I am 40! Silly I know but I had this whole plan figured out at 16 that by 26 I'd be married and living in a house with a kid and a dog and a wonderful man and a great job. Now I am almost 37 and I feel like I never accomplished that dream! Now don't get me wrong here, I am not settling, nor am I just getting married to be married. This man is the love of my life! He is amazing! Clever, funny, charming, beautiful, adventurous...the list goes on. He is my everything! Everything I have ever wanted in a man he is! But I was tired of waiting, so I took matters into my own hands and proposed to him instead! Really, as much as I had originally fought that idea it makes perfect sense. I am after all, not very traditional!

So our date is set. October 28th 2011. We have brown and orange as our colours and have decided that our guests will all receive caramel-ed apples! We have our wedding party picked out as well as our MC. Now comes the rest of the details! Oh I am dreading that part! We are both procrastinators!

Have been biding my time here in the cave. You know, taking time to appreciate the little things. Things like the dishwasher, and the on-suit laundry! As much as I will miss those things, my sweetie will be doing the laundry when we move (he washes and dries and I fold and put away) and I never did really mind doing the dishes. Have been crafting a ton to get ready for our big November craft show. Have 2 star baby blankets finished (one yellow, white, blue, and the other the same only with a green) The pink one is about 3/4 the way done. Am also trying out a pattern for a cowl for myself, making a skirt for my friend, trying to learn to knit and start planning presents for the family at Christmas. Still have three matching jackets to make for the blankets and make another scarf. ANARCHY!!!

My sister and I took my mom out shopping for a dress for my sister's (Tanya) wedding this October. What a nightmare! Mom was all like "I want something with colour". I bet my sister $10 that she would get black...and I am now $10 richer for it! There were two dresses that I really wanted my mom to try on. One she refused to which I don't understand. It was a lovely herringbone pattern (small) that would have looked awesome on her but she flat out refused to try it on. The other dress was a hot pink one which she did try on! (Small Miracle here, she tried on a total of 4 dresses that day and we were at the mall all afternoon!) She looked so awesome in it! She came out of the change room and we were all like 'holy crap mom you look awesome!' and then we noticed it. It was the way she was standing in it! She looked so uncomfortable! The dress fit her just fine, it wasn't that. She had looked at the price tag and look petrified! My sister and I laughed out asses off! Now my sister and I had agreed to foot the bill for Mom's dress as we both make double what she makes and we wanted her to look and feel fabulous! The dress was $300 which isn't all that unreasonable at all. It was beautiful with amazing beading! I myself own a dress that cost me the same and don't regret it at all! I think every woman should own at least one dress that just makes you feel like you are walking the red carpet!

Well, that's about it for me. Gonna see if I can knock off an unfinished project while watching a totally horrible movie before I go to bed!
crafting like a fiend!!!crafting like a fiend!!!

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  1. Your colors are going to be beautiful. I want to see all kinds of pics!