Monday, September 6, 2010

Update on our Soaps!

So we got picked up! It's a small store in downtown Milton that resells books. Our stuff is going in on consignment which is good! This way it doesn't cost her anything to put our stuff in our store and if we need something we can take it back no charge! How did this happen? Well, one of us had a friend go into the store after she had bought some of our lotion and the owner loved the smell of it! We are so excited! I would like for us to expand our line by four scents. We have four that we use regularly, which is fine but I would like for our customers to have more of a choice. We are also branching into container candles this year which will be fun! This way we will be able to have lotions, shower gels, soap bars, salts and candles all in the same flavor! Am looking at buying some bath bomb molds from Brambleberry. They have a whole youtube series on soap stuff and I think I know where we went wrong the last time.

After the craft sale in November we are going to start cold pressed soap. As much as I love the versatility of melt and pour bases, we would really like to start making our stuff from scratch. That way we can control exactly what goes in for our customers! Wish us luck!

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  1. Congrats! When do I get a catalog? I am a soap junkie and would love to see what you have!