Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well I am back at work! Even though I think it's only for one week, it's still better than nothing. Although, (because you can't start a sentence with but) I am going insane. I like my job don't get me wrong. Over the moon at being back actually. The problem? The two slave drivers I work for.

One is just so full of himself that if I could punt his smarmy ass across the room! He is so full of himself and he treats everyone like shit. The other one is just the same only he is so anal I actually had to explain to him why I had one minute of no production on my press on a job that I was running by myself and packing by myself. I mean really? One minute? You were ten freakin' feet from me and watched me do both jobs! There was no one else to do it...everyone was busy! You had to take one person off of a sort and put them on a press to take someone else off that press to help you change a job because you can't drive a fork lift and can't figure out lefty loosy righty tighty! I almost flipped on him. I told him in my most sarcastic voice that I was either packing parts or pulling out more parts or maybe I was doing both. The next time he asks me a fucking stupid question like that my ass is not even going to answer him. I am going to walk right into the general managers office close the door and have a nice long talk with him about the crap that these two idiots are putting the floor staff through.

Breakout should be fun tomorrow. If the fur starts to fly, when the shit truly hit the fan, my ass is heading for the door. They don't like it? So what. If I had to explain one minute of down time I don't want to get in anymore shit, thank you very much, so if you will excuse me some of us have a job to do.

~just realizing that this blog is like half what I want to say to them and half of what is actually happening! If this isn't a rant I don't know what is!~

I have been on the same press for the last three days doing pretty much the same job. Everyone gets rotated around me but I get to stay right there. They made a girl that works with us lean at a 45degree angle for the better part of the day just so that she could get the parts out of the press. She tells me that she does this job every week. Sometimes twice. She's asked to not be put there because of that exact reason and they still put her there. I think these two asses want an all boys not going to happen.

I was so irate today that I blew off my friends and came straight home. Hardly ate my dinner and feel like I could go to bed right now and sleep until tomorrow.

Oh well, here's to going back to work...and having to embrace my inner bitch just to get through it.

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  1. Ohhhhhhh a shitty boss is soooo hard to be around! I've had some and they suck ass!
    Good luck.