Monday, April 6, 2009

Been busy lately. Managed to make it through one week of work. Hoping the two running the crew learn to relax a bit or I am going to loose my mind. People that uptight cause a lot of stress and I don't really feel like being stressed out 40 hours a week. If they would just leave us all alone to get our jobs done I think we'd be a much happier crew.

Aaron and I went to our friend Jamie's house last night to watch some wrestlemania. Now don't go judging me! We like to bet on who is going to win...and yes we all know it's fake! Still it's a good laugh. Saturday was all about playing cards. We play this game called whist and also eucker.

Today, am going down to Sadie's house to do I don't know what. Will probably do some crocheting while I am there. Right now I am making a baby afghan that is in the shape of a star! I stumbled across the pattern while i was searching for baby outfits. I got it from a blog and will leave the link to it. Then look for the post A Whole Load of Craft~Chromium Star Blanket. This pattern is super easy to do and I thank that woman for posting it as squares were starting to get boring!

I got Sadie, Lauren and I a pay gig for our candles! Aaron's sister is getting married and she wants candles as well as flowers at her table and asked us to make them. She only has four months until the big day, so I hope that she makes up her mind soon! Don't want to be making candles the night before her wedding!

Hoping that the weather starts to get nicer up here soon. Today is rainy and cold and all I want to do is go for a walk...but not in the rainy and cold.

Am watching CNN and they are talking about the receptionist in Binghamton NY who was shot. She faked her death and then called 911. Way to go for being brave! This is why you should always be nice to your receptionist...she really is the front line! Ms. DeLucia, hope you feel better really are a hero.

Hope this all finds you having a fantastic day...hoping the sun is shining where you live!


  1. Cool about the candles! I have never watched wrestling, but admit I am curious. LOL
    Ack, more unneedful stress at work is a bummer!
    Did you like the neding of galactica? Do you watch True Blood? I need someone to gab with about True Blood when it comes back on! LOL

  2. Hang in there, worked on occasion for the odd pain boss. Looking forward to seeing your crochet and your candles.......

  3. Willow
    Know you are busy but do check my blog I have gifted you an award I hope you will accept.