Saturday, September 26, 2009

Haven't been blogging much lately so here is a quick update. Been busy with work, they are going full board which I think is silly but that is what they are doing. We are currently building like 30 boxes for Sadie's mom. She is planning on giving them to her staff for Christmas. We are filling them with some chunk soaps, a popsicle soap, a spa cloth which we make by hand and some bath salts. My time is also filled with looking after our new kitty. He is about 6 weeks old and super duper cute. He is part Maine Coon and part domestic tabby. We have named him Sir Livingston Angus Edward III or Gus Gus for short. Gus Gus is the cutest little fuzz ball ever! His sister Zoe was a bit jealous at first, actually pissed is more like it but she is coming around. Just the other day they had a lovely moment which involved Zoe giving him a wee bit of a bath. So our new addition to the family is fitting in well.


  1. What a darling! I'd love to have a new kitten.

  2. oh my god he is just about the cutest thing ever! I love kitties.

    Your Halloween plans sound like fun, I love haunted houses!