Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Fruits of my many Labors!

Tada! The baby blanket is finished! Now I have to make one more. Also, my girlfriend Marti has asked me to make her a blanket! She has a baby shower to go to and, my friend is having a baby as well...looks like I'll be busy for the next little bit!!!

Sadie and Lauren came over the other day and we got into making a mess in my Tiny Kitchen! The above candle is Berry Bunt Cake and check out all of our mottling! We are totally not even trying now and are just getting it! Even on our votives! This candle has both a great hot and cold throw! Ah smelly stuff!

These little flower soaps are peppermint (blue) and spearmint (green). We thought they looked so much like jujubes that we want to make a bunch in different colours and sell them in a jar! We had tonnes of fun making these as well as the starfish shapes in the jar below. I like how nice they all look inside glass! I want to put them in my bathroom!

Well yesterday was a busy day. Went and saw Sadie, went and got my taxes done; went and saw Marti; came home and then left to pick up Aaron. Had fun though, so not complaining about it! Marti and I poked around in her mom's garden. Crocus' and some little white bell flower are up. A sure sign spring is here! Today's plan's include heading back to Marti's as I left my crochet bag there~crap! Also wanting to head to the book store today, looking for a new crochet pattern book and maybe even my local Zellers for some yarn!


  1. The baby blanket looks great and I LOVE those little soaps! They're adorable.

  2. The blanket is beautiful! I envy your master of tension and guage. Sometimes I am just all over the board with those. LOL I really like the mottling on the candle. They are very VERY expensive to buy such a nice candle in a store. Oh! I want some of the jujubee soaps! The colors are perfect! You gals do a great job. You should open an etsy store. :-)

  3. Thanks guys! We are toying with the idea of opening a store for all of our things! We are thinking in baby steps though! First craft shows, then home shows, then store front!

  4. What nice candles you made!
    Think I can smell their scent here!