Friday, July 3, 2009

Drama, brought to you by the cat!

This is my kitty Zoe. She has many monikers like Zoesaphine the Drama Queen, Zoester, Princess and Maou. Well my little kitty got sick yesterday. Aaron called me all worried and I wasn't really concerned. Cats have a tendency to yak a lot. But when I got home I noticed that she was frequently in the litter box with no results. So today it is off to the vets. My kitties are indoor cats, so they don't get their shots every year, which I am sure the vet will frown upon. So I am pretty sure that my vet bill is going to be astronomical, which is going to suck because I and Aaron are still laid off from work. Both of my cats are really healthy and at 13 to get sick for the first time is pretty good. They lead a pretty non-exciting life usually. Well except for Zoe today who is going to go for a car ride and get sick to her stomach. Think a cat will drink cranberry juice? Wish us luck and keep my pretty kitty in your thoughts!


  1. Oh no! I hope she is okay! Please let us know. Maybe a UTI? You know, I was told be a specialist that giving a cat shots every year when the cat is indoor is not necessary atall.

  2. I know! I think it is completely ridiculous that they expect it! I mean I got them their first and second year boosters as those are important! Oddly enough though the vet didn't say anything about her having her shots! So they think it's a bladder infection, maybe brought on by stress or some change she wasn't down with. She still hasn't touched her water dish but I am smarter than her! I put water in her very pricey wet vet food! I so sneaky!