Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Update on my Little Drama Queen!

Which really is an inaccurate title for my little kitty. She is actually not that dramatic about it at all! (the drama stems from her owners being high strung and bored!)

Took Zoe to the vet the other day. Poor dear was so pissed! She had been hanging out in her carrier all day, so I just figured she'd be fine with going. I closed the door and locked her in. We walked outside and she was fine. I put her down beside the car while I got the door open and she started howling! Damn cat hates the car! She cried the whole two minutes to the vet, and for 15 minutes at the vets while we waited! Kitty was unimpressed! We got into the exam room and let her out of her carrier and I thought it was going to be non-dramatic. She sniffed around and rubbed up against things, you know the usual cat stuff. Well we got her on the exam table and that was that! She tried her damnedest to escape anyway she could. And I don't blame her! Kittie was poked and prodded and had her temperature taken. Dr gave her a two week shot of antibiotic and some prescription food with the advice for lots of water.

We get her back into her case, into the car, and finally home. We are met by a freaked out Phatty who we could hear crying all the way down the hall! (He doesn't like to be separated from his sister). We let our little princess out of her case and the first thing she does is...pee on the carpet.Knew I had that coming! I fed her some food and she scarfed it down which was awesome because she hadn't eaten or drank anything at all. After trying to get her to take some water (with a straw no eyedropper!) I got smart. I was on to her shenanigans! I put a 1/4 cup of water in with her wet vet food...she ate it all up! I will have to keep this up until I actually see her go for the water dish. She keeps looking at it like she wants some but can't bring herself to drink. Thank the Gods I am smarter than my cat! Mostly!


  1. Had to laugh when she peed on your carpet! Hope she gets well soon.

  2. Thise two week anibiotic shots are the best things they have come up with in a long time! I hope she's feeling better. My cat just barfed on the tile, so we are watching him slosely today.

  3. she seems to be feeling better. she jumped up on the couch yesterday and demanded affection, and I saw her chasing her tail! She is starting to come back to her old self! hurray!