Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm going back to work! I'm going back to work! I'm going back to work! I'm going back to work!!!!!

okay so i am a little excited! I am going back for what looks like 3 weeks, followed by a layoff of maybe 3 weeks and then hopefully I will be back for a while after that! All I want to do is put hardwood floors in the condo, sell the condo, buy a house and now that I have written that out it seems like a pretty tall order! Anyone got a ladder?

Been busy this week! Am preparing the gifts for Rachel's wedding (my honey's little sister). She has 5 attendants, a junior attendant and a flower girl. So we are making 5 boxes for adults and two for the one for Rachel that she doesn't know about...because it is for her!

I have knocked off the following today. Finished the last two spa cloths. Mixed 12 bags of Lavender/Mint bath salts. Made a batch and a half of Lavender/Mint salt scrubs. Tomorrow will be all of the chunk soaps, plus the rest of the kids soaps! Oh and also maybe some votives as well! The wedding is on the 31st of July but now that I am heading to work on Monday (for afternoons no less) I feel the need to get it all done NOW!!! July is shaping up like December! Four birthdays, two weddings, and the finale of Canada's Top Model!

Speaking of December I am already starting on Christmas gifts. Am doing a bunch of my bags up for the crocheters in my life. Gonna have gnarly old hands by the time I am old!

Oh and tomorrow I go and buy new work shoes...learned my lesson last time!


  1. WoooHooo!!!!!
    You are a busy bee! I tell you what, I can'tlay wood flooring worth a damn, bt I have a very tall ladder you can use! :-)
    That's so sweet of you to do so much for your man's sister.
    You really do have a huge heart of gold!

  2. Oh my! Congrats on going back to work. Sounds like you're going to be SUPER busy the next few weeks.