Monday, July 6, 2009

What's on my Hook?!?

Last week I had a lovely day with my friend Marti. We spent the afternoon chatting and having some cold beers in the sun. Afterwards, we went inside to find her mom's yarn collection! Her mom knits, but hasn't picked up the needles since Marti was little and she said that I could have free run! I was so excited! And some of the yarns I grabbed were pretty old and in some great 70-80's colours! So, from this collection I told Marti that I would make her a scarf! This took me like 3 days. It's double crochet for the whole piece. I made it narrow and long so that she could double it up and wrap it around. (Marti works on a farm with horses so she is outside all year round!) I think it'll keep her warm!

Below is what I worked on while at the cottage! I spent many of my afternoon's on the deck crocheting myself a crochet bag! A special nod here to Cher for introducing me to Tunsanian Crochet! This is a pattern that I altered for a beach bag with matt attached to it. It used one 12 oz ball of Bernat Handcrafter Cotton Naturals...and some white I had kicking around to sew it all together and make the handles!

When I first finished it I was worried about the roll-down factor. Last night I took my new bag over to our friend Jamie's house for a test drive. Turns out the roll-down isn't such a bad thing! It can hold a lot and the roll-down keeps all the yarn in while opening up the bag so you can fish for the stuff you need! I think it's big enough to fit all the yarns for a afghan! Will have to check that one out soon!

Wonder what everyone else has on their hooks?


  1. You scarf is lovely. The colors are very nice, and as always, you stitches perfect.
    Wow you sure have taken to tunisian! Here's a tip on the roll down thing. do a single crochet al around and the rolldown will stop. But I like it on your bag a lot. It's so pretty!

  2. it's funny you say that about the single crochet around the edges because I did that and it still rolls! maybe my tension is too tight! ;)~

  3. Nice projects! That scarf is pretty and warm looking.
    Nothing on my needles. Still working up the courage to try socks again.

  4. wow, how fun to have permission to raid someone's stash! Cute scarf!! Drooling over the bag! You need to sell those!