Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby sitting and my cats!

Well it's Friday. I am sitting on a couch watching some show called I Carly. Childrens television just might make me scratch my eyes out!

Yesterday went well. Got here at about 3pm and hung out reading. Went out at 6 to pick up Nick. He was skiing all day with school. Then at 8pm we headed out with Kiersti to Nick's hockey practice. I got to play hockey mom! Today we all went out for lunch and then dropped Kiersti off at school for the school play. Tomorrow is my day off. Think we are heading out to our friend Jamie's house to watch some BSG, cause we are nerds!

I miss my kitties. Aaron popped by the condo today to check on their water and food. He says they are fine but I bet he got 'told' by both the minute he walked in the door!

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  1. the top cat is Zoe...she looks fat but she's just sitting funny. The next cat is Zeus whom we affectionately call Phatty...he is 25 lbs of pure kitty love. You can roll this guy onto his back and rub his belly and he will do nothing but purr! These are my babies...both from the same little, both about 13 years old and both still very kitteny...except they nap more than play! Oh to be a cat!