Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Waiting...

So here is how my day has panned out so far. Two of my good friends both permanently lost their jobs today. The both got the call. I have been waiting around all day and haven't gotten one...yet? I am really nervous although I have been hearing things out of the rumor mill at work. The last I heard was anyone with 4 years or less. I am in the 4 year category but my review for my fifth year is in March. I don't know. If I make it through tomorrow with no call I am in the clear for now.

I was goofing around on the computer today and discovered that home outfitters is hiring in our town. Going to do up my resume and get it to them. At least if I find a job I won't be home bored so much waiting to go back to work. Other benefits include extending my unemployment insurance and having the ability to save some money. If I am going to loose my job we are going to need two cars. If I am working that won't be so hard. Thinking about one of those cute little smart cars...nothing fancy but good mileage and I won't be commuting to any place that requires me to take the highway. I have this theory that if you have to take the highway you work to far from home and that isn't right.

I am worried about my friend Sadie. She has just moved into her first apartment and has now lost her job. I hope that I can go back to work soon, that way I can afford to help her out. In the mean time...she'll be coming over for dinner lots and going home with left overs. I hope this all works out, I really do. Worry never hit me until today, which is odd for me because I usually worry about everything. Today I worried because it hit so close to home, but I still have this little voice telling me that it will be okay and that I won't loose my job. It's very conflicting. I think that my only option is to get a job for now, work and save my money, take the course that I want to take and see what happens.


  1. Oh wow! I hope youn don't get "that call". It's so sweet of you to have your friend over for dinner and to make sure she is fed. You have a huge heart!

  2. awe thanks...maybe i should turn it into a soup kitchen for all of my friends at work that got the call...i am going to miss them