Sunday, February 15, 2009

So here I am on a dreary Sunday afternoon messing around with Blogger. Now I want to change my template because I don't like any of the ones they have on here and my fabulous friend Cher has made up a beautiful one for me. So with Cher's expert guidance i managed to figure out how to get my banner up! Only problem is that only have of it shows because of the template that I am using.

No problem, I'll just zip on over to pimp-my-profile and whip up one that I like! So I have now spent hours getting background clips and fiddling around figuring out what I want! It is so nice I love it. So I go and put it in the html and get this damn message saying that it can't do it! HELP! I know I am not so stupid that I did something wrong but apparently I did! any advice would be greatly appreciated!

PS blogger if you read this fix your glitch!


  1. okay so i picked this one which still isn't what i want but it's better than the other because you can see my lovely new banner...Thanks Cher! you are the best

  2. I have the same woes when it comes to blogger. That's why I just used one of their templates.