Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lunch out with the Inlaws

Well today I went with Kathy to her boyfriends house so that I could see where it was. Nice little town...very cute. Aaron's mom came by to pick me up and I knew that her mom (Nana) was going to be coming but to my great surprise Papa was there too! So off I go, with the in in tow!

We go to Ed's home...then for a drive to see where the kids schools are...then to lunch (had a yummy chicken wrap!)...then off to the local M&M meats shop for some food for the week...then to two different drug stores looking for hair dye for Nana. Discovered also that I am looking after Mocha...a very needy very old miniature poodle. Poor little guy can't do stairs anymore! So no it's more like looking after a teen, a ten, and a toddler...i have a teetentod! Holy instant family! Kathy gave me the gears about that! Aaron's sister is apparently coming down to sit them on the weekend so I won't have to worry about taking Nick to hockey but that would have been fun anyway. Kierstie is helping with the school play this weekend. The are putting on Les Miserable at her high school. She isn't in it but she did help with the set design so she is very excited.

I am cooking a lot of instant food this week. Cook from frozen stuff. I think maybe if they are bored of that I will head to the store for some unbreaded chicken, and some Alfredo sauce. I just may whip them up some of my famous pepper chicken Alfredo! I have served it to several of my friends and Aaron of course and I haven't killed any of them yet! Also they tell me it tastes just like something you'd get at a restaurant. Which is freakin' awesome for me as I don't normally cook.

Will admit that today I am feeling better about this upcoming adventure. Aaron is still taking a couple of days off but I think that's because he just doesn't want to be at work! (I think he is a little jealous that I am off-which is insane because I would so rather be working!)

My girlfriend called me the other day, asking about work. She tells me that I have someone very high up looking out for me right now. I am very greatful for this! I love my job and don't want to loose it. I feel bad at the same time though as some of my friends and co-workers have lost their jobs. I am very torn between the two. Obviously I am not going to complain if I don't loose my job but I can't tell my friends about this. That is what I feel the worst about.

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  1. I am glad you are feeling better! Gimme an addy and I will send you Mass Effect for the xbox. That will keep the two boy occupied for a week! :-)
    Never feel bad about not losing your job to your friends. If they are your friends they will be happy for you.