Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day thoughts

So here it is...the big day...V. day...more commonly known to us victims of capitalism as Valentine's day. Every year since I was little I always looked forward to Valentine's Day and it always seemed disappointing. Even when I was little it was an ordeal! At 6 when I should have been in class exchanging hand-made valentine's with my class mates I was in the hostpital getting my tonsils out. The next year I was in again...this time for ear tubes. The year after that I was off to a different school.

In high school Valentine's day seemed a little better but looking back now I see that really I was fooling myself. Sure I got flowers and candy from boys that I thought I loved (oh what was I thinking?) but for what? I get the feeling now that their motives were entirely different than mine!

For the last couple of years, well we'll say the last ten at least, I have celebrated this over-blown and over-commercialized holiday by wishing all that I know a happy one! I have given little token gifts to all my friends...especially the single ones and just made it a day of love for everyone.

Now though I must go. My honey just came home from a run to the grocery store for some bread and he brought me the loveliest bunch of red roses! Here is hoping that everyone is spending the day with someone important to them!

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  1. The first boquet of roses I received from my ex-husband. The cat found them and bit off the heads! I should have taken that as a sign! Ha!

    I hope you had a wonderful "love" day sweetie!