Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Thursday

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and if I keep the door closed it at least has the appearance of being warm!

Woke up today to a phone call from work. It was for Aaron. So I got up and started my day. Had some multi-grain cheerios and a chai tea. Surfed the net for a while checking all my stuff. Talked to my girlfriend Kerry on the phone (we love to yakyakyak) and then it happened. It struck when Kerry was mid-sentence. I heard the 'beep'. So I look at the phone's work. Obviously I put Kerry on hold and click over. They were calling to tell me that I am back to work next week! HURRAY! I have been so bored! This comes at a great time obviously! Well except for the fact that I signed up to take a cold pressed soap course and now that comes into question! Work will obviously win, but if I can squeeze in both then I will!

Can't wait to start getting a paycheck again. Am so looking forward to that. Getting back to work means getting my life back on track! Everything I have been planning for has been put on hold for months now! Wanting to buy a house, a new car, all of it. Going back puts those plans right back onto the front burner! Now is a great time to buy big ticket stuff, even with the nose dive in the economy! Housing prices are falling, it's totally a buyers market! Sweet! Can't find a better deal anywhere on a new car these days! Looking at one of those soon too! We are getting along fine with one car but now that I am back to work the likely hood that we will need two is very probable, as we will be on different shifts in two different parts of the plant.

Here's hoping that I get more than just one week in!