Saturday, March 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well I made it. I didn't have to raise my voice once...unless I was calling them for dinner! We had a fun and productive week. They're good kids and pretty funny. A lot of work. Kids are a lot of work!

Today was my first day home...all day home at least. Cats were a bit pissed at us. The fat one tried to make a get away today while I was having a smoke at the back door. Sly little (so not little) critter snuck right passed me! Thank goodness he's a big scaredy cat and didn't get farther than the edge of the patio. Helps that I can keep up to him also!

Did a bunch of spring cleaning today, as the weather was beautiful. Cleaned the windows outside and in, wiped down the appliances and discovered that the washing machine is leaking from the hose hookups. Well there goes most of my babysitting money! Oh well, clean clothes are way more important!

Sadie and Lauren came over today and we did some crafting. We cranked out like 28 votives and a big square pillar candle in lavender. The look really nice. We managed to find a box in the condo that fits the trays for our votives perfectly. It just happened to be the same kind of box that we did our Christmas gift boxes! Some time this week I will head to the dollar store to pick some up. Then we are going to cover them in some fancy paper and make them all pretty! Nothing says fun and cut and paste!

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