Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well it's been an interesting couple of days!

On Thursday, I went with Aaron and his two friends Jamie and Alex to check out this new gaming store in Burlington. Jamie and Alex have come up with this great idea about a gamer store that is nothing like what is out there now. I don't want to go into it too much as this idea is still in it's infancy but the four of us are very excited and very busy planning things and getting ideas about costs and start up. I think this business will just be ridiculously successful and for me it is worth the investment of my time and probably eventually my money. They seem to think that it will do well, and I think that it will do so well that they will be able to franchise their store. We will see, but maybe coming to a town or city near you soon will be the most awesome kick ass gamer store ever! WoooHooo!

Friday we spent at Jamie's house. I made us a salsa dip for snacking on while we watched BSG. Then it was on to some Resident Evil 5 and some cards. I mostly crocheted during video game playing but that's cool. I am the only girl that is ever there, so I am fine with that. They get to play their video games and I always get a lot of crocheting done...and I like the company...those boys are too freakin' funny!

Saturday was spent doing a lot of research. Mostly just Internet junk, but that's okay, as I don't really have anything else to do with my time! I have offered to look up business plans and costs of furniture and the like. (What else could I do? Well lots, but really I was just looking for an excuse to go to IKEA and have a look around! Nobody had to twist my arm for that!) Then later in the evening after our business meeting, I crocheted while Jamie and Aaron played Resident Evil 5. Boys, how they love their video games! We like to play eucker when we get the chance and we always play this game called whist. Also we like to play dice. So it was an evening of fun and games

Sunday was such a boring day that I don't even remember what I did. I think though that there was a crochet hook and some yarn involved! :)

On Monday I had plans that got rescheduled. That's okay though as I did some stuff around the condo and yes, yes I crocheted! (I think I may have a problem!)

Yesterday, I went to my friend Sadie's house with our friend Kerry. I met both of these two fine women at work and now of the three of us I am the only one with a job there. It was nice to see Kerry as we don't get to see her often. We had some beers, Sadie made a fantastic chicken casserole for dinner, I painted their nails and we played cards and laughed out asses off. I think that we are going to get together every other week the three of us. With all of this time off we seemed to have forgotten how much fun us three musketeers have!

Today I am off to Lauren's house to watch some Top Model and then Lost. I am not so into Lost as everyone else but I do enjoy it. Also, I have learned to save my questions for commercial break because so much crap goes on that talking makes you miss it! And yes, I will be bringing my crochet!

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  1. Sounds like a great time! I can't wait to hear about the new game place! Don't give away any secrets though! :-)
    Are you crocheting more shawls? You need to take a few pics girl!