Friday, March 13, 2009


Today has been a great day! I won a contest today and I never win anything so maybe I should buy that lotto ticket! Also today I finally got around to backing up all of my pictures on my laptop and in turn was then able to erase my memory card for my camera! This is very exciting stuff I know. ;)

I have been busy busy busy crocheting stuff. Am currently working on a couple of granny square baby blankets, a poncho and some shawls for my sisters wedding in 2010. Good times. Will post some pictures as soon as I can. Have also been making candles and will also post some of the chunk candles I have done! Hurray for building things!

Tonight I have "big plans" to go to my BF's friend's house. We will be having salsa dip and watching Battlestar Galactica. That's right's up here for the whole world to name is Nikky and I am a big nerd! Oh well at least I have fun being one!

So, now that I have won this contest I have to Pay it Forward. Hmmm what kind of contest to run? This could be very interesting!!!


  1. Your prizes will be on their way! Thanks for plaing, hon!

  2. no problem! am pretty sure that you will be the winner of my are the only one who reads my blogs!! LOL you win by default!

  3. Willow
    You must be very busy with crocheting and candle making. Would love to see your projects.
    Good on you for backing and cleaning up your pictures , something I have been delaying doing.
    Love Battlestar Galactic,Frack!Good show!

  4. I never learned to crochet, but I like to knit. Most of the time anyway!
    Congrats on fixing your toilet, that IS an accomplishment.

  5. You've inspired me to look more closely at my own slightly leaky bowl. I'm afraid of toilets, for some reason. I have nightmares of flooding the entire house :)